Who stole my mojo?

Harnessing the power of purpose

Presented by

Sebastian Bailey, PhD.

Co-founder & President, MindGym

All that stands between a lacklustre day and a great day at the office is progress. Simply seeing the fruits of our labour can increase our productivity by 30%.

Yet the search for purpose seems to confound us all. And when it comes to unleashing the power of purpose, most managers have little idea where to start.

In this 30 minute webinar Sebastian Bailey, President, reveals:

  • How purpose transforms productivity
  • Four aspects of purpose and how they can be combined to create an unbeatable force
  • A thousand seemingly innocuous ways we leave people thinking their work doesn’t matter
  • Practical steps to get everyone believing that what they do counts

Click here to download the slide deck.

And don’t forget to download the accompanying research white paper on performance management here.


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